An Overview of Life

This section is somewhat of a humbling view of ourselves, but it is an exact duplicate pf what God shows us in His Word. Even if we had no Bible, we would know this to be true from experience. This story has been, and will be, repeated in the life of every human. With these facts in hadn’t, we must decide the course we will pursue.

  • Into This World – this point is the time of birth. We make our entry into life with nothing and naked. (See 1 Timothy 6:7; Job 1:21; Psalm 49:1-20; Ecclesiastes 5:12-15.)
    • Now the challenge is to acquire, accumulate, get, gain, receive, grow, and prosper.
    • We must beware lest we forget our circumstance when we enter the world.
  • In This World – This represents our lifetime. How long or short will it be, we do not know. It is in this span that we will face greed, love of money, covetousness, and materialism. Here we will be content or discontented. We will use what we have to lay up treasure on earth or in heaven. Here we will prepare to meet God or else neglect to do so. Either we will serve Christ or reject Him. The choices we make and the life we live will determine our rewards and where we spend eternity when we take the next step.
  • Out of This World – This represents death and eternity. We make our exit in a very surprising way, just as we came – with nothing. Now the worthwhile things are what we did for God. How we used our life while in the world, how we invested our possessions, will not pay off. Forever eternity looms before us; we will enjoy the blessing of a well-spent life or else suffer in hell for a misspent life. This portion of our life should regulate the life we now live.