1 Timothy 6:5-21

Our world and the generation in which we live are ravaged by the tragic malady of discontentment. Discontent is not a disease, nor is it predicated upon circumstances or environment. Its tenacious grip is not regulated by lack of or excess of possessions, power, popularity, health, or any other commodity. Discontent is a spiritual maladjustment of the mind and spirit. It is a might tool of the enemy to incite divorce, rebellion, worldliness, excess debt, spending, and taken to an extreme, suicide.

True life and happiness are not found in possessions. America’s present generation would know no parallel in history for life and happiness if that were true. Obviously the opposite condition exists. While living in a splendid state of plenty, our world loathes itself and agonizes in the disorder of discontent. Jesus warned us that life does not consist in the abundance of things we possess (Luke 12:15). Our world has not believed Him; we have tried our way and arrived at a dead-end street named Discontent.

One of the hallmarks and identities of a Christian should be a state of contentment. Contentment does not negate industry, achievement, and success. It simply brings the tranquility that Jesus intended into homes, hearts, and lives.

Reflection, internal investigation, and a reevaluation of our sense of values will assist us in our pursuit of this seemingly elusive commodity. We must implement God’s plan and pattern in our lives if we are to be successful in our quest. We must expect and accept the cost factors such as self-denial, discipline, and thought adjustment.