God’s Promise Regarding Healing

God’s Word emphatically promises and exemplifies healing of the human body. Although the death of Jesus Christ was necessary to completely effect our healing; it is a fact that by Hi stripes we are healed (1 Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53:5). Christ’s suffering and beating in Pilate’s judgement hall was the event that assured healing for our bodies; for this we should be grateful.

Humans need physical, spiritual, and emotional healing in their lives. Jesus Christ has provided all of these and promises them to us in His Word.

There is a constant abiding promise of healing: (1) when we lay hands on the sick in Jesus’ name (Mark 16:18); (2) when we call for the elders of the church and they anoint us with oil in the name of the Lord (James 5:14). Healing has been provided by Christ’s stripes and is contingent upon our faith and obedience to these two practices. In addition to this there are “gifts of healing” and the “working of miracles” that can bring healing and deliverance when one or both of these spiritual gifts is in operation (1 Corinthians 12:1-11). There are miracles that do not involve haling of a body. There are physical healings that are also called miracles (Acts 4:16, 22). Healing can come through the operation of the gifts of the Spirit, or it can come through the abiding promise of God’s Word.

When healing does not come, consider the causes of sickness. Then examine your confidence level, because doubt can stop the healing power of God (Mark 6:5-6; Matthew 17:14-21). Not asking or asking amiss (James 4:2-3) can hinder our healing. After a thorough, scriptural checkup of all elements involved, we will either obtain healing or sustaining grace when we are not healed.

Again when healing comes, glorify God; when it does not, trust Him and remain true to Jesus Christ. Remember, God bears witness with signs, wonders, miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost according to His owl will (Hebrews 2:4). God’s will should be paramount in our lives; what He wills let us willingly and joyfully accept.