Why Sickness Comes and How to be Healed

Matthew 8:16-17; James 5:13-18

Before the fall of Adam and Eve it appears that they were immune to, or not susceptible to, sickness or disease. After their fall humans lost their immunity to sickness and disease. Since that time human suffering has known no limits.

Man’s original sin has become the root of all sickness, yet other facets are involved. God’s Word opens up to us many avenues of insight into this age-old problem that will be with us until we have a body fashioned like His glorious body (Philippians 3:21).

Because of our desire to live as long as possible while enjoying optimum haltom billions of dollars are spent on this effort. Our society is so caught up in the dream of life and health that men and women spend an entire lifetime on this dream. As well as this may be, we are still confronted with hopeless, incurable diseases on every side.

Jesus is a healer! Without question we know He has and can heal all manner of sickness and disease. Yet the fact remains that many are not healed; human suffering goes on, and eventually we all die. God has the power to remove all sickness and eliminate death: why then does He allow people, and especially His children, to suffer?

Every question cannot be answered, but hopefully this study will bring clarity to some. While searching for answers regarding sickness or healing, let us not forget that our main objective is to be saved. Salvation is not predicated upon, neither does it always bring, a strong, healthy body.

We must consider contextual clarity and balance relative to physical healing. Some take the miracles of the Bible, especially the Gospels, and build their hope and ministry on only the part that brings physical well-being. While this is important, these truths and miracles are designed to bring people to salvation from sin. We will be judged in the end, not by how well or strong we were, or whether we were healed or not, but by how we lived our lives.