Things Satan Can Cause

Physical impairment can be brought on by demon influence. Demon possession means that a person is under complete domination, possession, and control of demons – mentally, spiritually, and physically. Demon possession is not discernible to the human eye; we see it when Satan exposes himself or through discernment of spirit. Note that some impairments have been attributed as demon possession when they were not; and some impairments have been diagnosed as something natural when they were the work of Satan.

In themselves, physical and mental disabilities do not indicate demon possession. Christians can have mental or physical handicaps or be disabled; these conditions do not prevent them from being saved, or used by God. Christians are not, and will not be, demon possessed, as long as they walk with God. Saying someone has a demon is unfair unless it is a known fact. Believers can become possessed or controlled by the devil only if they continue in sin and turn their lives over to Satan. This will not happen as long as they make a sincere, Bible-based effort to walk with God.

Keep the above instructions in mind while observing from the Bible what can and did happen in some lives who were controlled by Satan. Never fear Satan (Hebrews 2:15), for “greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

Satan caused the following things in those he controlled before Christ came and set them free:

  1. Muteness (Matthew 9:32-35).
  2. Insanity (Matthew 4:24; 17:14-21)
  3. Deafness (Mark 9:14-25).
  4. Blindness (Matthew 12:22).
  5. Mental derangement (Mark 5:1-19).
  6. Vexation (Matthew 15:21-31).

Many have experienced the above problems who were not under Satan’s domination. These examples do show, however, what he can do with a life and body that is under his control. The enemy inflicts much sorrow, suffering, and pain upon humanity.