Helpful Tools

Following are resources that you’ll find very helpful in your study. Some, like a good personal Bible, may have cost attached but will be invaluable as you’re able to purchase them. Most, however, are freely available as online resources. A Good well-made durable Bible – While we recommend the King James Version for it’s accuracy, […]

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Forms of the Word

God’s Word takes on many different forms in order to equip the student with needed resources. God is interested in our productivity and completion. His Word “throughly furnishe[s] [us] unto all good works” (2 Timothy 3:17). Developmental stages of growth demand various forms of the Word. God has provided every needed form for us. Water

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Why should we Study?

God’s Word is a life-giving sustenance proceeding from the mouth of God. (See Deuteronomy 8:3; Isaiah 55:10-11; Matthew 4:4.) Dare we neglect such an important facet of our spiritual existence? Many reasons for study abound; perhaps the following will point out the real need for personal study in your life. It approves us to God

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A Quiet Place for Study

Any serious student of the Word should have a secluded place for study. If you are a teacher, church worker, or aspiring minister, the need is even greater for you. Find the best way to learn properly, ingest, and assimilate what you are reading. Set the right environment for study by eliminating all distractions like

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Marking Your Bible

Underscoring favorite passages in your Bible is a real aid to memorization. Writing in the margins and blank spaces on the pages is a good way to record thoughts, sermon titles, and Scripture references you do not want to lose. Symbols, colored markers, and other systematic methods can be used to highlight important or doctrinal

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