What to do with Life’s Burdens

Psalm 55:4-8, 22; Galatians 6:1-5

Something immediately clicks in our minds when we hear the word burden. From the past, our memory recalls of time of untold stress we once endured or the present agony of a burdened heart.

Without respect of persons, life imposes upon us seeming insurmountable mountains of trial andpressure. We do not become so skillful in life that we can escape. Since this is the common lot of life, what are we to do? We have no wings as David wished for, so he could fly away (Psalm 55:6). The darkness of the night cannot hide us from the seeking hadn’t of life’s burdens (Job 3:1-10). Yet God has a preplanned, prewritten, time-tested formula for handling life’s burdens. Applying His principles makes life’s burdens manageable through Him.

The Bible makes three direct statements about burdens that, on the surface, may seem contradictory. We will study each of them in this course.