Governing Elements in the Saint’s Life

1 Corinthians 9:19-27

God has given us a method of checks and balances to keep us in the truth, now that we are saved. Our future success and salvation in the end hinge upon heeding God’s spiritual and biblical controls. Since no one can make us submit, there must be a willingness and obedience on our part for God’s methods to be effective. Unteachable, rebellious, stubborn, self-willed attitudes spell ultimate doom. Submissiveness for both minister and saint is essential to spiritual success.

Guidelines are essential for spiritual survival. We are not turned loose under grace to pursue our own whims and ways. Disciplines, controls, guidelines, teachers, and instructors are the order of God’s kingdom. Authoritative figures are given to us to achieve balance, harmony, and growth. Parents, kings, governors, rulers, and masters all have a scriptural position and role to fill.

The constitutional structure of the United States calls for executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government. As long as they work in their assigned roles and complement each other, they help to prevent imbalance and dictatorship. Similarly, following the principles of leadership in God’s kingdom helps maintain harmony and balance.

God does not turn His people loose to conscience alone, or any one other factor. While He grants us liberty, He has also established restrictions for our protection. What determines our liberty? Who or what gives us direction to us? How far can we go, and how much can we do? Who or what has authority to give guidelines for our lives?