Christian Development

Resurrection of the Dead

Note: According to Hebrews 6:1-2, the resurrection of the dead is one of the six principles of the doctrine of Christ. Beginning in Genesis and continuing through Revelation, the resurrection of the dead is the theme and hope of humanity. Abraham, our spiritual father, had faith in God for the resurrection of Isaac had he …

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Some include perfection as a part of the principles of the doctrine; others do not. Whatever one’s position, it is important to study the subject of perfection because it is attainable, or God would have never have called us to go on to perfection.

Eternal Judgement

Eternal judgement, the final say, the conclusion of the matter, is solely in the hands of God. Some things we can only trust to that day when God settles the debates of humanity. In this lesson, we will study not just the general subject of judgement, but eternal judgement.

Concerning Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts, or gifts of the Spirit, are an interesting and often misunderstood subject. We should study them carefully, seek after them, and allow them to operate in our lives for the glory of God. In this lesson, we will learn what the Bible says about their existence, use, and regulation.

Laying on of Hands

According to Hebrews 6:1-2, the laying on of hands is one of the six principles of the doctrine of Christ. Although it is not as popular as some other topics, our Lord in His earthly ministry gave it high rank in His practice. Lets study together the significance, ministry and responsibility of laying on of …

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The Fruit of the Spirit

Bearing the fruit of the Spirit is one of the most important teachings of Scripture. God has made this fruit available and accessible to us through the power of the Holy Ghost. Within ourselves it is impossible, but we can allow the Spirit to produce the fruit of the Spirit. Allowing God’s Word to guide …

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What to do with Life’s Burdens

Without respect of persons, life imposes upon us seemingly insurmountable mountains of trail and pressure. We do not become so skillful in life that we can escape. Yet God has a preplanned, prewritten, time-tested formula for handling life’s burdens. Applying His principles makes life’s burdens manageable through Him.